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AusAdvertising using the specialist JET Digital provides a professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service for both mobile centric and fixed sites. SEO is the optimisation work that goes into a landing page or website to get the site to appear on the first page of Google search. This includes both on page, off page and mobile speed measurements to deliver content.

Customers are consulted on the most appropriate keywords that are most important to their business being found. Our team will then review and may submit keyword suggestions if a keyword set contains too wide, generalised or overused single keywords. The goal is to use the search words or phrase a customer enters into Google. Over the years users have improved the targeting of search queries. The average customer knows that a wide non specific search will return unhelpful results and thus the average Google search is usually a long tail three word phrase. Better targeting in keywords leads to better performance in search results, higher conversion rates, and more customers.

SEO for smartphones has become a very important part of modern optimisation and having a mobile responsive site no longer has much impact. Jet Digtial has developed JetPak a Google certified mobile acceleration service that provides a high speed improvement that can only come from this type of new technology. Page load speed is important as a fast loading website improves the general customer experience, decreases bounce rate and improves conversion rate. For those reasons Google makes page speed a part of their ranking algorithm. Mobile speed improvement provides the best long term organic mobile SEO to be found ahead of your competitors on mobile devices and with a Google certified Jetpak attached and integrated into your website you can quickly rise up the rankings on all mobile devices. Jetpak is an Accelerated Mobile Page technology that serves your site 4 times faster on mobile phones. You can check your website speed with the button below.

The SEO service is geotargeted within Australia to the market place you want to address. Select from a range of keyword campaign services, demographics, geotarget areas and then set a budget limit to suit your marketing plans. Performance reports round out the service.

If you wish to change gears and deliver your sales goals using the best services in the digital sales world ... or you would like to know more then contact AusAdvertising on the form or request a call below.

Our Commitment

The Team at AusAdvertising will help you harness the sales power to deliver success in the constantly evolving digital marketplace. Our Team understands digital sales options and provides access to the best resources to ensure success.

AusAdvertising is located in the heart of the CBD in Sydney.

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